You are what you eat!

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You are what you eat! If you eat poorly, it can effect the way you think. Without proper nutrition your mind can not properly sort out your thoughts and emotions.
In today’s environment we are subject to many stresses. The human machine can not properly deal with stress if it is not maintained with a healthy diet and exercise. Often, we lack nutrients that help us to cope with such stresses.
Many turn to convenience foods and sugary sweets to placate their hunger. These choices are easy, but they do not provide the nutrients needed to thrive! A steady diet of these can surely cause a myriad of problems for our bodies health, as well as our mental well being.
The body/mind needs nutrients which are mostly processed out of these products. Numerous studies have shown high fructose corn syrup, bleached flour, and processed white sugars have very little nutrients that can be utilized by the body.
They are nothing more than cheap fillers that create cravings ( because the mind knows it is missing something ) and those cravings are often met with more cheap fillers of the same kind. A vicious cycle that can lead to depression, diabetes, heart disease, upset stomach, heart burn, and general ill health.
To make matters worse, many of these foods contain artificial ingredients that serve no purpose other than to add shelf life and pretty colors! Some, are even chemicals which can lead to cancer and a host of other problems! ( artificial sweeteners, dyes, ect…)
Even the water we drink often has chemicals like fluoride added! God never intended these things as nourishment. Man has created them and allowed companies to produce such things under the guise of convenience, to increase storage times, and as marketing tools. (little Johnny wants that blue character cereal he sees on television!) Don’t buy into it! We must educate ourselves about what we are actually putting into ourselves(and our families) if we wish to be of good health and prosperity.

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