Thoughts on love…

received_1208172065863598~2~2~2Love, it’s the most important thing and it’s what we are born to do.

Love (or lack of), is also the cause of some of the easiest, and yet occasionally the hardest of things we experience in our life. It is a driving force for many decisions. Whether a love of self, or a love of others, we spend our lives searching for the very thing we are born so filled with.

We come into this world naked, bare of all oppinion and disgrace. We have no cloak of judgement or regret. As small children, we seek out new faces, with a smile on ours. With only love in our eyes, we look upon our families and familiars, not yet understanding what it is to condemn. We are new and fresh filled with only the love given by the creator. We are pure in that moment.

As we grow in this world, we are poisoned by it’s opinion and judgements. We are left unprotected from these influences by society at large, which has been under the influence of such things for so long that it is seen as just normal. We are pushed away from that original love by such judgement and the influence of fear. We live in a society that often teaches us to condemn those to which we can not relate, through fear caused by a lack of understanding. We fall from grace through those shadows.

It is my (perhaps foolish) notion to see people able to heal themselves of such influences. We already have the ability within us, if we bother to cultivate it. We can each do our part to heal ourselves and together, we can perhaps heal the world. One soul at a time.