Garbage in = garbage out!


Lots of times we don’t notice our diets among our habits…we run around, busy, grabbing empty calorie snacks and fast food to get us by. Then we wonder why we feel dragged out and tired all the time. You are what you eat! Your body/mind (machine) needs proper nutrition to function at its best. Many grab and go foods are lacking in quality nutrients and our bodies suffer because of it. When you fail to eat healthy for a long enough period of time, your body/mind (machine) begins to break down. Often our digestive system will try to warn our mind by acting out. Bloating, sluggish digestion, irritable bowels, gas, cramps and diarrhea are not only signs of sickness, but also of poor diet. These symptoms are just a few of the things that can plague a poorly fed body. Sadly many people fail to realise that diet can also play a big roll in depression[a] and adhd management[b]. Our minds, musculature and skeletal system, indeed, all of our body are fueled by the foods we ingest.
….Garbage in = garbage out!
Most of us know that ingesting too much sugar can lead to diabetes and other health issues. Yet we often give it to our loved ones as a gift. We give it to our kids as a reward, a snack, as a bribe, however they receive it, children love sugar!  What message do we send when we do this? Do we love them and care for thier health or do we set unhealthy standards by doing so? Often we fail to explain, too much of a good thing can be bad.
In this life, we instill habits in many unnoticed ways. Companies spend millions on the marketing of entire holidays to get us to buy sugary sweets for our loved ones. It starts at a young age. Marketing executives are selling empty calories, toys and other products to people who don’t even have jobs yet! Explioting parents desire to make their children happy[1] and planting seeds in young consumer minds. Its become a socially acceptable habit. That doesn’t mean it’s harmless.
This is only one example of how society can find things acceptable which are not good for our overall health or prosperity. Look also at the cigarette industry, which was looked at as socially acceptable until people noticed it was killing even non- smokers! How many people suffer(ed) for lack of disclosure and honesty within an industry making millions upon millions? What kind of ills does our grocery industry hide? The rise of the sugar industry and the use of processed food products and other socially acceptable killers, like some pesticides [2] and Glyphosate [3] just to name a couple, have also given rise to autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity and more! [4]
So basically if you wanna get to a higher state in life, you need to stop buying their crap and examine your diet. Protect your body from chemical invaders, nourish it with goodness. That’ll help you get your mind in a better working state and your body in a healthy machine state. Which will, in turn, elevate you to an overall better place.