The power of positivity.

20160330_092941.jpgGod is good!
But let’s not get stuck on a title…God is love. God has had many names through time, all given by man. But the creator refers to themselve as “I AM”(exodus 3:14)
… Think about that
“I AM” you are, we are, ALL of us are, carriers of the spirit! The kingdom of heaven within…through the piece of God we house.
We can each bring heaven to earth thorough choosing to follow God’s words. By choosing love, compassion, understanding and acceptance. All examples personified by Christ. Also by various prophets, saints, and leaders who have personified loving kindness. The key commonality of these is the way they refused to condemn others based on personal judgements or to live in fear. Through out history,God has sent examples and saviors to free the downtrodden and stand up against abuse and injustice. These people have been strengthened by conviction of truth (of love within, Not nessicarilly man’s law at the time) they have often been martyrs. They choose to put thier very lives on the line for thier fellow man and have little consideration of self. Many were sainted by the church after thier death and are remembered throughout history. Of these, Jesus is the greatest example. If everyone lived with such conviction each of us would be living our purpose. Meanwhile, so many of us struggle to find that elusive quality of life.
Many are caught up in cycles of negativity and fear. These qualities are not the positivity the creator desires us to live by and often make our time here on earth a “living hell”.
The good news is that we always have the power to choose what we focus our thoughts and time on. Are you making good use our your time and talents? Or are you living in fear that you are not good enough, believing instead that you are powerless in your situation? If you want to change your situation, you need to change your outlook…choose to look thorough the lens of positive thought and thankfulness. These things can change your world!
Prayer, meditation and community service can help us find it. Choosing to consider the needs of others, before our own, puts our minds in an open place where we begin to strengthen the connection between us. It puts us in the light. You can choose to believe this light is of God, if you prefer to title it, but without doubt this light is positivity. It is the feeling of gratitude mixed with selflessness. It is free of the burdens of hate and resentment.
It is, no doubt, similar to the freedom that Christ felt as he exclaimed “it is finished”  (John 19:30) All of the weight of the world was lifted from him, as he knew, in that moment he had completed what God had asked of him, and was going to be with the father. Jesus lived as a perfect example of doing what is right in Gods eyes, over what we want. He payed the price of our sins through living a righteous life even up to the penalty death. He lived on purpose and with purpose. He lived as an example of a loving God here on earth, to show us the way to heaven (or bliss, if you choose). To lead us home …if we will follow. As you go about your lives, you don’t need to preach or judge, you only need to live in the example of Jesus and others will naturally come to know the father through your reflection of loving kindness. As a result, you will know peace as well.


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